Surfing on Dry Land

Watch this quick video on how the kids came up with surfing on dry land.  This was a lesson in engineering, design, balance skills, imagination and loads of fun!!!!!

Toddler Time: Semolina Sand

Here is a quick, simple recipe to make play sand.  Grab some semolina flour from your pantry and mix in some cooking oil to make it a consistency of wet sand.  That’s it!  Stick your hands in and start building sand castles.  Just use kitchen utensils to play with your sand and to build castles.  Measuring cups worked great to make three…

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Pretend Play Architect

The kids have been playing architect for some time now.  It has been fun for all and is a great activity for older children.Get some graph paper (if you do not have any in the house just google graph paper and you can get free printable paper).  The kids have drawn all different floor plans – 2 bedrooms – 6…

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Top 5 Family Christmas Traditions

Throughout the years, our large family has participated in different Christmas traditions.  There is something so comforting about family traditions.  They can strengthen a family bond, create stability, provide familiarity and increase emotional ties.  Here are my top 5 family Christmas traditions: 1.  BAKE COOKIES TOGETHER – The taste of the cookie dough, the smells in the house and the…

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City Hunt and Find Puzzle

Need something for the older kids to do to keep them busy for a few minutes while waiting, riding in the car or just plain bored?  Here is a challenging puzzle to practice visual perceptual skills.  Print the City Hunt and Find puzzle from Growing Play.   Need more game ideas?  Check out Category Games.  

Taking Pretend Play Outdoors

Taking pretend play outdoors can encourage children to explore dramatic play in a whole new way.  Here we created an outdoor tree swing for baby and a slide.  My little one pushed her baby doll in the stroller over to her “pretend park”.  She fed baby, pushed her on the swing and helped her down the slide.  All things she…

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Giant Animal Memory Game

Check out this fun, giant game of memory that you can print and play!  Get kids moving and thinking with this activity.  You can print the pages in color or black and white (color before you play). Watch it in action below. Download the free Giant Animal Memory game at Growing Play.  

Sticky Christmas Tree

Boy, just realized how long it has been since I lasted posted.  So busy here with back to school and sports that I can not seem to keep up with blogging which I sorely miss.  Partially because it forces me to “lesson plan” for some family activities and partially because I just enjoy sharing fun activities that work in our…

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Homemade Props for Playing Doctor

Here are some simple ideas to make to add to your playing doctor and hospital kits.Above is some homemade band-aids made out of felt. If you do not like to sew you could just glue on the different colored felts. I love felt for simple projects like this since it is very economical and soft to touch. If you want,…

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