Toddler Time: Nature Salad

admin / August 30, 2017

Head outdoors with your toddler to create some nature salad.  Give the toddler a plastic bowl, large spoon, ladle or tongs.  Go exploring to find grass, large leaves, wildflowers or whatever your child can find in nature.  Mix it all up and you have a delicious nature salad. If it is a warm day, add some water and change it…

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Pretend Play Makes Better Thinkers Poster

admin / August 27, 2017

Download your copy to hang up in your playroom or classroom from Growing Play – Pretend play makes better thinkers.Need ideas for pretend play?  Check out all of our pretend play packets.  

Visual Spatial Dog Maze

admin / August 23, 2017

Download this visual spatial maze and guide the dog to the dog bed.  Get the complete collection of Visual Spatial Mazes here.

Toddler Time – Water and Rock Sensory Play

admin / August 21, 2017

  I am all about keeping it simple with toddlers.  There are so many things to entertain toddlers that do not involve bells and whistles.  We all know water is probably the biggest entertainer of toddlers.  Here I just added a few rocks of different sizes, a small cup and an inch or two of water in a large kitchen…

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Toddler Time: Stacking Cups

admin / August 18, 2017

After stacking all of our cups to see how high we could go, my toddler loved watching us stack the cups so she could knock them all down.  She would wait patiently while we stacked and then knock them down with all of her might.  She kicked them, squashed them and tossed them all over the room.  Nice cheap activity…

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Pretend Popsicles Freebie

admin / August 15, 2017

Download and create these pretend popsicles to open up your pretend ice cream shop.  It is available in color or black and white.  Combine coloring and creative play with this freebie.   Check out all the other pretend play printables from Growing Play.

Ghost Hunters

admin / August 11, 2017

Here is a simple ghost game using stuff from around the house. Make some tissue ghosts – three cotton balls under tissue, twist tie close and draw eyes and mouth.  Hide the ghosts indoors or outdoors. On go see how quickly you can find them. We made two teams and whoever found three first was the winner.   The winner…

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Can You Set the Record?

The Set the Record download is a collection of 25 different finger testing, singing and physical activity challenges.  Pick a challenge and see who can set the record for the fastest, longest, most, shortest and tallest skills! Write down the top scores to keep track of who holds the records for each challenge.  Print as full size pages or smaller cards for travel…

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Waiting Game – I Spy Memory Lane

This is currently one of our favorite go to games while on a road trip or waiting at a restaurant.  Here is how you play:This is a twist on the classic waiting game.  Instead of spying something in the room you will spy something from memory.For example, you will describe an item that you spy in your mind’s eye from…

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St Patrick’s Day Maze and Coloring Page

Here are 2 freebies for Saint Patrick’s Day to keep the kids busy.  Follow the path to determine what numbered line leads to the shamrock or color in the shamrock coloring page.  You can download the 2 pages at  Check out Animal coloring pages here.