Easter Basket Coupons

admin / December 19, 2017

Here is an amazing FREE download to mix things up in the Easter basket.  The kids will love playing with you instead of eating candy all day.  All right, maybe they will still want to eat candy all day but… when it is gone they can use the coupons to work off all the candy they ate!Download the FREE Springtime…

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Autumn Displays for Kids

admin / December 15, 2017

I have been behind on blogging since back to school – very busy here at our house.  Today we enjoyed an outdoor activity with our pool noodle parts and Autumn materials.  We collected mums, leaves and twigs to create Autumn floral displays.  You just need to pinch off the bottom of the flowers or leaves so that the child can…

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Sock Bean Bags from the Sensory Box

admin / December 11, 2017

Why not take sensory play outside the box with sock bean bags?  We have so many mismatched socks around this house so this was a great upcycle project.  We have a sensory box with dried split peas and lima beans.  Have to admit not one of my favorite sensory boxes – the split peas feel so nice running through your…

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Toddler Painting

admin / December 7, 2017

Today we did some painting with water. My little guy is a handful. So finding activities that entertain him in one location for a few minutes can sometimes be a challenge. This activity gets a thumbs up from me. He “painted” for about 5-7 minutes straight which is lengthy for this guy. Thank God it wasn’t paint since he drank…

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5 Bucket List Items for Your Family this Summer

admin / December 3, 2017

Since today is the official first day of Summer, I thought I would share 5 of bucket list items to do as a family during the Summer.  I love all the bucket lists on Pinterest but boy are they overwhelming!  Some of them list 100+ things to do over the summer.  I would be exhausted if we did all those…

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