5 Reasons Why Play is Purposeful

admin / November 12, 2017

Many times, as adults we may not always remember how necessary play is for children including teenagers.  There is a purpose for play.  Here are 5 reasons why children and teens play:1.  To develop social skills and interact with adults and peers.2.  To explore objects – touch, hear, taste, see and learn from objects.3.  To be creative and develop imagination…

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Category Hot Potato Campfire Game

admin / November 9, 2017

Here is a fun game to play around the campfire – Category Hot Potato Game.  You will need one marshmallow for your “hot potato”. Download Category Games or the Category game freebie. Cut apart the category cards.  How to play:1.  One person is IT and holds the marshmallow.  Pass the marshmallow to the person on the right.  2.  Pick a…

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Creative Brain Series Question #1

admin / November 4, 2017

Here is the first post in the Creative Brain Series from Growing Play on creativity, imagination, outside the box thinking, something quick to do while you are waiting or a boredom buster.  The series will include one question every couple of days to get children and adults to think on their feet.  There is no right or wrong answers just try…

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5 Ideas for Family Fun Night for Under $5

admin / October 29, 2017

On the rare occasion that we are all home for the entire night, I get excited.  As our children get older, it can be hard to have everyone together all evening.  When those nights do happen, we like to make it fun (and since I am a cheapskate – economical too).  Here are some of the things we do when…

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Penguin Coloring Page from Animal Coloring Pages

admin / October 27, 2017

I just love all the new coloring pages I see online and in the stores.  The only problem is that they take way toooooooo long to color!  I just created a set of 20 zentangle animal coloring pages that are easier and less detailed. Translation – you will actually be able to color the whole picture!  Download the free penguin…

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Enjoy Life’s Small Moments

admin / October 23, 2017

I feel like life is passing by so quickly.  One of my goals for the upcoming year is to slow down.  As a working mother with 6 children I am feeling like that is not a possibility so I plan on trying to at least slow each day down by taking the time to appreciate the small moments in life.…

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Christmas Doodle Find for Family Game Night

admin / October 18, 2017

Christmas Doodle Find:  This 18 page PDF download is a Christmas seek and find game that includes 4 different game boards, 6 recording pages and also includes 5 find and color pages.  This game requires no preparation – just print and play!  In addition, there are directions included to create a travel version of the game.  Liven up the holiday family…

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Amusement Park Boredom Buster Activity

admin / October 16, 2017

I am soooooo excited to announce our latest freebie from Boredom Busters Volume #1.  If you have school aged kids you know that feeling when boredom sets in.  Here is a new activity pack that will absolutely be a boredom buster!  To start, check out this freebie from Volume #1 – One Minute Challenge Amusement Park.  Can you complete all…

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Do You Ever Dream of a Totally Different Life?

admin / October 13, 2017

Some days I find myself dreaming of us all running away to live somewhere else.  It is usually a cabin in the woods.  I don’t want to go alone.  I want to bring the family with me. It is just that on some days, I get tired of the hecticness that real life brings with it.  Drive here, work, meetings,…

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