St Patrick’s Day Maze and Coloring Page

Here are 2 freebies for Saint Patrick’s Day to keep the kids busy.  Follow the path to determine what numbered line leads to the shamrock or color in the shamrock coloring page.  You can download the 2 pages at  Check out Animal coloring pages here.  

Indoor Camping Party for Family Fun Night

Next time you need something super easy to entertain the kids for family fun night have an indoor camping party.  This is so easy to do and the kids LOVE it!  Now of course, I would prefer if every family actually went camping, but I know their are plenty of people that it is just not their thing.  So why…

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10 Suggestions for Parents to Help Children’s Emotions Stay In Control

This is the second post regarding self regulation in children. The previous post discussed how we set children up for potential meltdowns with our hectic lifestyles.  As parents, we need to advocate for more unstructured, free play for children to help them to develop self regulation skills.  Here are a few changes that you can make to your family schedule…

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Gifts For Preschoolers (Shhh you have all the stuff already!

As I mentioned previously in another blog post, I am getting tired of all the gift lists out there this holiday season. So many seem to link to a bunch of Amazon products so affiliate links can get clicks. It makes me wonder whether the blogger is truly suggesting the products or just looking for clicks. Which brings me to…

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Colorful Slime

I have seen many recipes for slime on the internet and in books so we figured we would try it out.  This was so simple and fun.  Just combine equal parts clear glue and liquid starch (found in the laundry aisle at grocery store).  Mix them together.  Then separate the slime and add food coloring to each smaller batch.  We…

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Wax Leaves and More

This is an activity that I used to do as a child.  Until we tried it ourselves I could not remember why we thought it was so great.  As the project progressed I quickly remembered why… Step 1:  Head outdoors and collect flat, dry leaves.  Oak and maple leaves worked well.  We also collected acorns and some mums. Step 2: …

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Using Apps to Make Books for Little Ones

My little one loves to make picture books with her in them.  We have cut out pictures of her and just glued them onto different scenes or just drawn some simple sketches.  Well, today we used the PhotoChop app on the iPhone to make a quick book about some imaginary adventures.Basically you take a picture and erase everything except the…

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5 Ways to Make Time for the Family

I started to write this post since our life has been so chaotic recently with everyone going in different directions. The amount of time that our family of 8 is all together seems to be dwindling. Partially it is because the kids are getting older and have more obligations and partially it is just that we have a lot of…

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Homemade Play Dough You Can Eat!

This edible play dough was actually created out of necessity.  My littlest one is currently crazy about using play dough but we were running low.  We decided to make a new batch but realized I did not have enough salt.  I did have lots of butter though!  Why couldn’t we make cookie dough to look like play dough.  We used…

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Slime Puppets

                                 We always have some sort of slime, gak or flubber around this house. The kids were playing with it the other day with google eyes…….  Slime + Google Eyes = Puppet Show? Worked for them!  Nice easy entertainment.