Waiting Game – I Spy Memory Lane

This is currently one of our favorite go to games while on a road trip or waiting at a restaurant.  Here is how you play:

This is a twist on the classic waiting game.  Instead of spying something in the room you will spy something from memory.

For example, you will describe an item that you spy in your mind’s eye from your kitchen, a bedroom, your backyard, etc.  For example, you might say “I spy with my little eye something hanging on the wall in our kitchen”.  Everyone then guesses objects that are hanging on your kitchen wall.  If no one guesses it, give an additional clue ie “I spy with my little eye something blue that is hanging on the wall in our kitchen”.  Continue play until someone guesses the object.

Try describing other objects from a favorite book, play or movie that everyone is familiar with.

Want more games to play while you wait?  

Waiting Games is a download of 20 games to play while you are on a road trip, waiting at the doctor’s office or restaurant or sitting around the campfire.  The games do not require any equipment just creativity and imagination.

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